Complex in its symbolism, sentiment and design as the fashion, architecture and decor of Victorian period, the Berlin Collection is inspired to Cut Steel Jewelry and Berlin Iron Jewelry.

A jewel is an ornament, a love token or a remembrance, it not only completes an outfit but also denotes a woman sense of self. Antique cut-steel buckles, made from beautiful chiseled metal, are found by Lucia Odescalchi and restored, piece by piece. Each one brings its own story and multiple layers of density.

The buckles are then mounted each time in a unique new jewel-shell.  Motifs vary from the simple to the sublime, as the new jewel gives a new identity to the metal materia itself.

Berlin Earrings are made as a silver cast from the mould of a very unique original buckle, chosen for its perfect match to create a timeless ear wear.

Each other Berlin Collection jewel is
a one-of-a-kind piece.