Few live in Rome and know Lucia Odescalchi, but many know her through her jewels. An exclusive brand that holds her name: sophisticated understanding and dramatically contemporary  for a jewel collection of great impact, rich of vibrant yet subtle emotional reverberations. Odescalchi jewelry seems to breathe a life of their own, and are immediately recognizable thanks to their independent design, free from fashion defaults. Odescalchi, who has been designing jewelry for decades, has made a name for herself both in her country and internationally thanks to the originality of her creations that set them aside from the rest.

Her jewels are the results of years of personality evolution, and are not designed to merely fit what is fashionable at the moment, as the jewels lie in a completely different frequency. Gold, platinum, silver and bronze as well as precious stones are mixed and matched with high tech materials such as silicone, resins and carbon fiber. Although Odescalchi’s creations are often described as avant-garde, and rightly so, her inspiration is firmly anchored in the past. Yet thanks to her innovative creativity, past and future blend together to form objects of timeless beauty and unquestionable fashion. Lucia Odescalchi’s Jewelry is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Her showroom in Rome’s city center must be sought, conquered, almost deserved. It is a chamber of desires, a precious jewelry box. A minimalist wunderkammer.

Rome’s tradition of handcrafts is thriving as ever. The trick is holding the tension between the past and the future - making objects of timeless beauty that are fashionable, too.
Contemporary artistic research is a matter of chemical vocation and taste for the unpredictable