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Orientalism is the latest collection created by Lucia Odescalchi. It is inspired to Japanese painting and aesthetics of geishas. In communicate a dreamy, almost fairy memory from once upon a time, expressing sexy and refined glimpses of an interior peaceful world. Earrings are 3D little paintings, tiny artworks of floral suggestions with a beauty spot made by a little pearl: a seduction class protecting from women’s envy. The mystery of the allure of a modern geisha is an object of fantasy. The notion of companionship with a graceful and sensuous woman was precisely what men needed. Her hair up and full of decorations, the collars of her kimonos low on the neck, and the knots of the gorgeous red-and-gold obi as big as rucksacks: we see her through silver-framed windows, fuzzy with honeycomb wire reinforcement. Try it, dream yourself and let other dream too! Who are the geisha? And what persuades them to follow such a strange, archaic path in life?

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