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EGO Collection | Sting Pendent Dorset Cream



Black silver (oxidized),hand carved carbon fiber, bronze, drop shape crystal in Dorset Cream yellow color.


Chain length: 50 cm

Pendent size: 3,5 x 3 cm

– Hypoallergenic
– Handmade
– Made in Italy

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Product Description

Punk rock can be characterized as extreme, passionate, liberating, inclusive. Punk is a wake-up snarl to an atrophied establishment.

The new EGO Collection is a deliberate subversion of the previous “jewelry” scene.

In place of refinement and privilege, it offers energy and inclusiveness.

In place of boudoirs, improvable pasts and functional futures, it offers an exciting and dangerous present like a hyperactive adolescent.

In place of a performance, it offers a happening.

Dada is art that is anti-art.

Punk is music that is anti-music.

EGO is a jewel that is anti-identification: it’s just your unique You.